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Metal Reviews VIII: Future Terror and Krieg

Cassettes are still a big hit for collectors, as well as guys like me, who use their car-stereo deck on a regular basis. After listening to today’s featured groups (via audio file), I decided to turn back the clock, and go old school. Because that’s the kind of stuff I like to do. It’s a sort-of preservation, I guess. I acquired a dual cassette recorder, and set about to “dub” (a term for recording we geezers used to use) a plethora of audio files in desperate need for added hiss, mid range and all around warmth of tape. Neither, Future Terror or Krieg, however, benefit from this. That’s due to the incredible sounds they already emit, which in turn, created the impulse to revive my recorded tape collection.
Future Terror – We’re All Fucked (Black House Industries) Dbeat, old hardcore and a dash of punk, enveloped by fuzz, noise and raspy, shouted vocals are a recipe for greatness. The genre tends to get pigeon-holed, for being a bit one-dimensional rhythmically, but we who love it, wi…