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Metal Reviews VII: Anthropic, Crackhouse, Dead Cross

Metal Reviews VII: Anthropic, Crackhouse, Dead Cross

               Anthropic- Self-Titled e.p. (Horror Pain Death Gore Records)

It’s 1998. Grindcore is still a virtually punk/hardcore/D.I.Y. –related, sub-genre, of metal. Here comes The Dillinger Escape Plan, adding tech to their hardcore which in turn, created a new face of grind, which really hasn’t looked back (much to the chagrin of us old folk who crave the old stuff). If you started to align yourself with death metal, you became death-grind and all sorts of new branches popped up, (cybergrind, goregrind, pornogrind etc.) making it even more difficult for those who label, well, to label. Buffalo’s Anthropic turn back the clock and give us pre-The Locust, Nasum worship we (the old grind-heads) have been looking for. Some songs on this e.p. are longer than your usual grind number, so make sure to take some ginko-biloba beforehand so you don’t miss anything.
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