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Review: Intrcptr

Intrcptr are a two-piece instrumental rock/metal band and features members of Pelican and 5ive. Huge,mammoth, sky-high rock riffs soar across rugged percusive landscapes. The syrupy guitar tone, is remenicant of Torche and splits like twins when the higher strings are incorporated. The song structures are very much like West Virginia's Karma to Burn, but aren't in the habbit of beating a riff into the ground. This is quite different, but also has a warm, familiar quality to it which draws you in for further listens.

It's stoner/space rock that drifts then grooves, working their slight hooks, and it kicks heavy. If you like Nebula, Unsane, Torche, Pelican and Karma to Burn, this may be for your ear holes to enjoy.
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