Wrestling Wrap-up

Wrestling Wrap-up

For the week of 3/12/17

I’m a wrestling fan, and have been since my uncle introduced me to Spectrum wrestling. WWF would put on a show in Philly, and it was rebroadcast on a fledgling cable network called Prism.
Ivan Putski, Jimmy Snuka, Don Muraco, George Steele, Mr. Fuji, Jesse the Body Ventura and Bobby Heenan, had me on the edge of my seat every show. I’d even get up at 4am to see the replay. It goes without saying; wrestling has a hand in what shaped the guy I am today. Oh Yeaahhhh!!!! Can you smell what Dethrok is cookin???

This week, Bailey is still Champion on Raw. Boo. Last week’s top commentator comment, went to Corey Graves who said “She sure lives up to the hashtag #notmychapion”. I feel the same way. She’s not a great talker, and her finisher is a soft pillow like move, you have to keep your shoulders down for. Much like the Stinger splash, or Cena’s AA, you must relent when the spot arises. I say, give the ladies their own show. Between Raw, Smackdown , and the new batch  down in NXT, there’s plenty of room for character development, and plenty of potential rivalries.

Streaming Channel Pluto added The Pro Wrestling channel to its programming this week. They’ve been running TNA pay per views non-stop. Jeff Jarrett, Samoa load…I mean Joe (sorry), The Hardy’s, Bobby Lashley and The Dudley’s goof around in the 6 sided ring.

Smackdown was kind of boring. AJ Styles smashed Shane O through a car window. Now there’s a match for Wrestlemania. So far, it looks like the best of the bunch, and I hope they have something special or surprising in mind. 

Kassias Ono looks ridiculous in his Evel Keneval underoos.
Maybe something for future consideration, Nakamura and Enzo should have a dance-off. And last but not least, this week’s commentator comment comes from JBL. He called the general manager of Smackdown (Daniel Bryan) a “flannel wearing, mountain hermit” lmmfao.


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