Television: The Final 24

                                                 THE FINAL 24

A big storm is coming, and it's about to dump a shit-ton of snow on the Noetheast. This is nature's way of telling you to stay inside and veg. Quality TV time. Well,after you've shoveled yourself out. I have decided to go with streaming services, instead of paying exuberant amounts of money with cable television. 

The Roku streaming stick is the first device acquired, and it’s opened up seemingly unlimited content. Hulu is very much like Netflix, only a bit cheaper, and for $3 extra, you can have it without commercials.

 The Final 24 is a Canadian documentary series that examines the last day in the life of well-known people, who have met an untimely end. Each episode outlines their rise to fame, intertwined with the last hours of their life. It’s not the stories or dramatizations that make this series memorable, but interviews with close friends and loved ones who are embroiled in the last hours as well. It’s unfair to tell you who it is that make each episode riveting, so you’ll have to guess based on the unfortunate lead role. Keith Moon, John Belushi, Sid Vicious, David Koresh, Janis Joplin, Gianni Versace, River Phoenix, Hunter Thompson, Marvin Gaye, JFK Jr., Jim Morrison, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Tupac are featured.


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