Television #2 Chameleon Club, 11/23/63, Cpt. Beefheart and Slamball

        The Chameleon Club 2011 Documentary

This 54 minute documentary spotlights the legendary Lancaster, PA concert venue. It’s a great historical piece, and incorporates the passion the owners and staff have for the community of Lancaster. It’s filled with 90’s alternative music with brief appearances of Live, and August Burns Red.  Joan Osborne, Chad Taylor

               11/23/63 2016 Hulu Original Movie

Even though most of us binge-watch our favorite series, television broadcasting networks like to do things the old fashioned way. The mini-series is still around, and guess what, Stephen King is still kicking them out. Partnered this time with Jerry Bruckheimer, this 6- part mini-series follows James Franco as a time traveler, sent back to 1960 to prevent the shooting of John F. Kennedy. A love story bogs down this excellent thriller with a hint of sci-fi.  As a whole movie, it was only half-decent.

      Captain Beefheart: Under Review 2006

“The most challenging musical artist of all time” is an understatement. Don Van Vilet was Captain Beefheart, leader of the band of the same name, the most eclectic group of the 60’s and 70’s. With The “Magic Band” behind him, they produced tons of material, led by Vilet’s interpretations of the music. However, he was untrained musically and he had to somehow communicate his eccentric ideas. This awkward process, and even equally chaotic musical output pushed away fans and band members alike.

          Slamball 2016-17 Finals Pluto streaming tv

Streaming television offers very little by way of live sporting events, or even replays. Being a sports fan, I’m sort of “shit-out-of-luck”. However, there are some different events you can find with some digging. “Slamball” is a Basketball hybrid, played on a trampoline and wood floor court, in a rink with glass boards. There is full contact checking and major collisions at the rim, and the slam dunks are things of amazement. Pat Croce and John Salley are the pre/post game and halftime analysts, and they are sure full of it.


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