Reviews: Haemophagus, The Throne, Morbid Flesh, The Sarcophagus

Haemophagus - Stream of Shadows (Self Made God Records)

Italian death machine Haemophagus have unleashed their new chunk of oozing splatter, STREAM OF SHADOWS via Self Made God records. Top notch death-grind worship that brings to mind Entombed, Pestilence, Repulsion and Splatterhouse. Luis Sendon’s (Nashgul, Macabre, Brutal Truth) cover art is excellent and I’m sure it looks killer in vinyl format. Chunky, grindy meat-and potatoes, no nonsense stuff from a no nonsense company.

Morbid Flesh – Rites of the Mangled (Unholy Prophecies Records)

Spain’s Morbid Flesh hack and chop up, a double bass heavy, death metal meatgrinder of a release on RITES OF THE MANGLED .The recording seems to have a base foundation of Carcass’s Reek of Putrefaction without the blast beats and shitty production. It’s also groovy, much like Bloodbastard as well as newer acts like Boneyard, Mausoleum and Grim Legion. Out on April 24th.

The Sarcophagus – Beyond this World’s Illusion (Satanath Records)

I really like Black Metal. Unlike the norm, which I’m unsure still applies, I like when it’s recorded properly. It’s great to have a muddied underground classic but seriously, good mix and mastering jobs when recording metal will do wonders. The Sarcophagus utilize the harmonies and discords in conjunction with fast, and faster, blast beats associated with later day Immortal. It’s also a very wide and spacious sounding assault musically and vocally, with new vocalist Morkbeast (Todestriebe) spreading terrifying, blood-curdling screams throughout.

The Throne – Frail Threads (Unquiet Records)

Billed as a dark slab of eastern European crust, The Throne creep into a Neurosis/Isis atmosphere that sets this release off. The vocals are in the band’s native language of Poland, but the words are just an additional instrument in the gigantic soundscapes they construct.  They branch out dynamically, and a wide space opens and it’s truly awesome. You can call it doom, I guess, but its way better than that generalization. Ordered.


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