Metal Reviews VII: Anthropic, Crackhouse, Dead Cross

Metal Reviews VII: Anthropic, Crackhouse, Dead Cross

               Anthropic- Self-Titled e.p. (Horror Pain Death Gore Records)

It’s 1998. Grindcore is still a virtually punk/hardcore/D.I.Y. –related, sub-genre, of metal. Here comes The Dillinger Escape Plan, adding tech to their hardcore which in turn, created a new face of grind, which really hasn’t looked back (much to the chagrin of us old folk who crave the old stuff). If you started to align yourself with death metal, you became death-grind and all sorts of new branches popped up, (cybergrind, goregrind, pornogrind etc.) making it even more difficult for those who label, well, to label. Buffalo’s Anthropic turn back the clock and give us pre-The Locust, Nasum worship we (the old grind-heads) have been looking for. Some songs on this e.p. are longer than your usual grind number, so make sure to take some ginko-biloba beforehand so you don’t miss anything.
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                   "More Repulsion.” – Mick Harris, Napalm Death
Just a small uttering in Napalm Death’s Live Corruption VHS from Mr. Harris, had me rushing to the records stores to find Master, Swans, Deathstrike, Pentagram and most notably, Repulsion. Hailed as one the true roots of grindcore, their lone full-length, Horrified is held in the highest regard and has been since 1986, when the demo’s volcanic sounds blazed on cassette and were traded across the globe. NIGHTMARE FUTURE is the debut from EXPULSION, Repulsion guitarist Matt Olivo’s new group, designed to recapture the sound and possibly consider it the rightful follow-up 30+ years later. It’s an awesome in-your-face grinding whirlwind, authentic to the original sound and is already crushing my car speakers on a daily basis. However, with only one original member, the push toward it being an official sophomore release feels more like they’re a brand new band rather than totally con…


Goatwhore – Vengeful Aggression (Metal Blade)
You would think, success and the name Goatwhore wouldn’t be suited for each other, on the group’s moniker alone. However, if you’re a fan of Acid Bath and Soilent Green’s death-infused bayou metal, one can say it’s not too surprising to see the guys in Goatwhore having a bit of recognition. Busy creating albums, they are forever touring, with a stream of the coolest merch on the planet in tow for you to offend on casual Friday at the office.
New offering entitled VENGEFUL AGGRESSION (Metal Blade), is their 7th release and is packed with so much metal, any real metalhead would be a fool to not pick up on name alone. After a spin in the player, or mouse click if you prefer, you’ll find they deserve the respect as one of the top (if not THE top) modern-era metal bands. The Venom worship on “Under the Flesh into the Soul” can only be described as what Cronos and the boys REALLY intended to sound like if they could REALLY play their gear. “Cha…

Review: Intrcptr

Intrcptr are a two-piece instrumental rock/metal band and features members of Pelican and 5ive. Huge,mammoth, sky-high rock riffs soar across rugged percusive landscapes. The syrupy guitar tone, is remenicant of Torche and splits like twins when the higher strings are incorporated. The song structures are very much like West Virginia's Karma to Burn, but aren't in the habbit of beating a riff into the ground. This is quite different, but also has a warm, familiar quality to it which draws you in for further listens.

It's stoner/space rock that drifts then grooves, working their slight hooks, and it kicks heavy. If you like Nebula, Unsane, Torche, Pelican and Karma to Burn, this may be for your ear holes to enjoy.
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Extremity – Extremely Fucking Dead (20 Buck Spin) Oakland, California’s Extremity, exhume the 90’s sounds of Incantation and Bolt Thrower on their debut disc/cassette/music file, Extremely Fucking Dead. Marissa Martinez (Cretin) and Shelby Lermo (Vastum) lend dual guttural vocals to this crushing set of riffs and percussive attacks (Aesop Decker). It’s all weighted down by Erika Osterhout’s (Vhol) incredible bass tone and their penchant for an occasional groove.

XAVLEGBMAOFFFASSSSITIMIWOAMNDUTROABCWAPWAEIIPPOHFFFX – Gore (Transcending Records) This band from South Africa has an unbelievably long name, and completely indecipherable logo, and they run the gauntlet of guttural and pig squealed vocals as well. It’s light-speed gore-grind, but has strange rock and twangy blues sections under it all. It’s worth it for the song “Dicks out for Hambre” where they grunt like chimpanzees.

REVIEW Satan's War Machine

Satan’s War Machine – Violent Death Abomination (Symbol of Domination Records)

Satan’s War Machine is a perfect name for this group of Ukrainians, whose latest chunk of black death is one hell of a crushing release. The sound they dish out is a fresh take on the pounding black metal bands without keyboards produce. The difference is a bit of catchiness. When you think the pummeling has reached its limit, and a sense of possible boredom creeps in, they throw a bit of rock groove in the mix. SWM walk the tightrope of black, death, thrash and grind. For fans of Absu and Goatwhore, its quite the sonic assault.

Reviews: Haemophagus, The Throne, Morbid Flesh, The Sarcophagus

Haemophagus - Stream of Shadows (Self Made God Records)

Italian death machine Haemophagus have unleashed their new chunk of oozing splatter, STREAM OF SHADOWS via Self Made God records. Top notch death-grind worship that brings to mind Entombed, Pestilence, Repulsion and Splatterhouse. Luis Sendon’s (Nashgul, Macabre, Brutal Truth) cover art is excellent and I’m sure it looks killer in vinyl format. Chunky, grindy meat-and potatoes, no nonsense stuff from a no nonsense company.

Morbid Flesh – Rites of the Mangled (Unholy Prophecies Records)
Spain’s Morbid Flesh hack and chop up, a double bass heavy, death metal meatgrinder of a release on RITES OF THE MANGLED .The recording seems to have a base foundation of Carcass’s Reek of Putrefaction without the blast beats and shitty production. It’s also groovy, much like Bloodbastard as well as newer acts like Boneyard, Mausoleum and Grim Legion. Out on April 24th.

The Sarcophagus – Beyond this World’s…